June 14 - 27

All available positions will be posted on the "Open Positions" page, along with relevant information about the roles.

Anyone who would like to nominate themselves can do so with this form (now closed).

Prospective nominees are encouraged to reach out to their current council member.

July 5 - 12

Once all nominations have been processed, information will be posted online with all candidates.

Online voting will be possible over one week.

It is imperative that voters check that they are eligible to vote in UAA elections.

All eligible voters are allowed one vote per open position

July 13 - August 27

During the two months following the election, voted in Council members will have the opportunity to handover with the current Council member.

This is an opportunity to understand the role and start to take on responsibilities (towards the end of the period).

UAA Council elections are now completed online, over the course of one week, to ensure that there is fair representation and voting. Please find the new process below.

Nominations and voting are now closed.

Eligible to vote
- Unitech Alumni: If you completed all Unitech modules and graduated from Unitech

- Unitech Associate Alumni: If you completed all Unitech modules and your EoY Event was less than 3 years ago

Not eligible to vote
- Unitech Advocates: If you didn’t graduate from Unitech and your EoY Event was more than 3 years ago

- Students: If you’re currently doing the Unitech program

- Honorary Alumni

- Guests & Partners