Information about the UAA General Assembly (GA)
The UAA GA  2023 was held on March 29th and was online only. Members who were not able to attend had the option to appoint another member of the association as a proxy. Notice of such proxy was sent to the Council prior to the meeting via email.
The minutes from this years GA are the most concise in recent history, they can be found at the link below:
UAA GA 2023
17:00-18:00 CET 29th of March 2023

UAA GA 2023

UAA Symposium 2023
This year's UAA GA saw the opportunity to elect a number of council roles. To understand more about the UAA council, view information about each occupied role at the following link:
This year, we introduced the UAA Wiki - a how-to guide on the running of the UAA, to assist with role-efficiency and improve understanding of what the active community delivers on an annual basis.