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"If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together"

- African Proverb

We believe that the world needs leaders who deeply understand the value of relationships, network and engagement.

After 20 years building professional and social connections between our members across our 14 Local Chapters, we embraced and leveraged the unique opportunity brought along by the 2020 pandemic by going fully virtual with our events.

The engagement and reach in our network skyrocketed. Our new insights gave birth to a series of new initiatives that changes the game for all our stakeholders and members across generations and geographies.

our Corporate Partners



to grow and develop as a purpose-driven leader



to build a strong, powerful and meaningful network



to drive tangible positive 

change in society

Abdul Ashir

Initiative Lead - Digital Events

"With the pandemic hitting everyone hard, I could clearly see how Digital would make a positive impact in our community. Because of Digital Events, I also developed my moderator skills."

Virtual Events

Every 3rd Thursday of the month, our Virtual Events Team brings an exciting themed event to our virtual stage around a hot, relevant topic. A true audience favorite and engagement magnet, Virtual Events has welcomed over 500 attendees since its start!

Join our next event to get inspiration, share experiences, learn the latest insights and have raw conversations with the best thought-leaders from in- and outside our network!


Mentoring Program

Every successful person is a product of mentoring and coaching. With over 1'200 global members with up to 20 years work experience, UAA is a unique place where you can find your perfect mentor or develop and sharpen your mentorship skills

Join the UAA Mentoring Program (UMP) to get guidance and unique insights to develop your career, get inspired by people who've walked the path before you, and expand your network!
Innovation Platform

Ideas only make an impact when they are actually acted upon and realized. Our members were looking for a central place to share their ideas, find like-minded people in the network and collaborate on the ideas, so we decided to launch the UAA Innovation Platform!

Sign up to get inspired by great ideas of others and share yours, get enabled to find your tribe and get empowered to make your idea a reality!
 CP Engagement Program

Our Corporate Partners are key stakeholders in our community. Together, we can face and solve the most pressing challenges in our society and shape a better future. Working closely with the Strategic Relations Lead, our CP Engagement Program started off as a series of conversations with resulting initiatives to leverage new opportunities and synergies.

If you currently work at one of our Corporate Partners, sign up for this program to join the conversation about how the UAA and Corporate Partners can add more value to each other through collaboration!

"Mentoring had been on my mind for many years because we have such fantastic people in the network. I'm excited to launch this initiative and help many people accelerate their careers!"

Tove Jensen

Initiative Lead - Mentoring Program

Upcoming UAA Events
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