UAA GA 2023

UAA General Assembly

17:00 CET 29/03/23

The General Assembly is an opportunity for members of the association to make long term changes to how the association operates. Also, if UAA members are interested in joining the UAA council, this is when council elections are held.

The UAA GA is generally scheduled to take place in March or April, on the same weekend as the UAA Symposium.

During the UAA GA, the UAA council presents a report for the preceding year. The financial officer presents the financial report and a provisional statement of the accounts of the association. A proposal for the annual budget of the association is also presented and voted upon. Furthermore, council members are elected or re-elected for a two year term, auditors for the coming financial year are elected or re-elected and one or multiple honorary alumni are proposed. Finally, amendments to the constitution or the bylaws can be made during a meeting of the GA.
UAA General Assembly 2023

UAA General Assembly

What is the UAA General Assembly and why do we do it?